Efficient Self-Storage Management

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Preferred third-party manager

Preferred technology partner

Trade Your Manager for Mailbox Money

A modern customer rental experience

  • Professional customer service from our elite Roving Managers

  • Excellent and efficient facility operations

  • 24/7 online, 100% Touchless Rentals®

  • Automatic and immediate overlocking and release of delinquent tenants

  • Extended-Hours Customer Support and 24 Hour Technical Support

  • 100% Customer Self-Service

“Hand Us The Keys” Approach

Tired of unresponsive and unhelpful on-site and third-party managers?

  • Expert onboarding specialists

  • Headache-free facility conversion and software onboarding

  • Hands-off installation, setup, and service of key hardware and technology, including website, digital locks, phones, email ticketing, property management software, Google Business Profile, marketing, and more…

  • Coordination of property improvements, facility modifications (as needed), curb appeal, branding, etc.

  • Responsive support and reporting, including coordination of software features and more!

Focus Areas

We strive for easy and transparent pricing

REIT Competition

Beware of the effective rate!

Fee structure of our competitors is often confusing and owners end up paying way more than they bargained for. We believe that the advertised "introductory" or "base" management fees of 4-6% is deceptive because the effective management rate of our competitors is around 19% of effective gross revenues (our internal assessment) because they may also charge owners for:

  • On-Site Manager Payroll & Benefits

  • Office & Administration

  • Marketing & Advertising Overhead

  • Call Center & Off-Site Helpdesk

  • Other & Miscellaneous

Contact us to see our full assessment!

Roving Manager

Our fees are intended to be all inclusive for all services provided. Any other property operational expenses (like Google Ads) are billed at-cost.

We offer 2 fee structures:

Fixed rate - $5 / unit / month


Variable rate - 11% of effective gross revenues


  • Professional roving managers to handle property maintenance, collections, evictions and clean outs.

  • No setup costs

  • No minimum fees during lease-up

  • Extended-hours, full-service support handles call, email, with chat (and 24/7 technical support)

  • Professional staff leveraging our network of local contractors and our internal audit team (No employee theft & waste)

  • Financing and/or capital available for property improvements.

Offer and rates are subject to terms and conditions of a mutually agreeable definitive management agreement.

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Property Lifecycle Services Available

We also offer a number of services to help with self-storage acquisitions, development, and disposition.

Prospecting and Due Diligence

  • Business evaluation

  • Competition analysis (occupancy, pricing, unit mix analysis)

  • Property condition

  • Financial analysis

  • Tenant lease review

Post Acquisition Improvement

  • Custom branding package or license with one of our partner brands (We have a great graphic designer)

  • New tenant contracts

  • Technology setup (Phones, emails, security, website, management software, social media)

  • Digital Locks (tenant smartphone access and automatic digital overlocking)

  • Signage

  • Property appearance (paint, fence, lights, doors, etc)

Facility Management

  • Phone, email, website chat support for tenants

  • Property maintenance

  • Collections, evictions and clean outs

  • Accounting services

  • Rent roll clean up

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